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Window Tinting on Any Vehicle in Newark, NJ

Window Tinting in Newark, NJ

At Junior's Auto Center, we offer complete window tinting in Newark, NJ, and surrounding areas. You can get all types of tinting in many different shades, from a dark limo tint to a light 50% tint based on your needs.

Every Make & Model

Our technicians are very experienced with more than eight years of tinting experience, and we tint windows in every make and model of vehicle. And our tinting services include:

• Windows
• Headlights
• Taillights
• New Tint
• Removing Existing Tint

Affordable, Same-Day Window Tinting

Our window tinting starts at $99 for convertibles and $125 for sedans, and we also offer same-day service for most tinting jobs . Furthermore, to ensure your satisfaction, we offer a lifetime warranty on window tinting.

Contact us for a quote on your vehicle.

Same-Day Window Tinting in Newark, NJ